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The Fizzy Friends Series.

Therapeutic, heart-lifting stories to help children who find the world a little raw.

Ages 6-12

Hug Your Heart Books has been set up by author and therapist Bryony Irving. Bryony has been working with adopted children for over 20 years. She is an experienced therapist who works using EMDR (a trauma reduction technique), EFT (an emotional regulation technique), Theraplay (a bonding and attachment therapy) DDP informed practice (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) and EFT Matrix Re-imprinting (for reducing trauma and improving emotional regulation.) She has a Masters from Oxford University and worked as a social worker prior to training in therapy.  



The Fizzy Friends series has 8 funny, heart-warming therapeutic stories, each one aimed at a particular emotional issue.

Let's Celebrate Adoption! is a series of upbeat, touching poem-story books around adoption themes.

All books available on Amazon now.

Welcome to the world of The Fizzy Friends!

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Fizzy Lizzy, Rory and co each have a particular problem. Every story starts with the character having a bad week. As the days go by the character becomes increasingly swamped with the feeling in question - be it anxiety (Lizzy), anger, (Rory) etc. The emotion escalates until the character starts to morph into the ailment. Can the Parents and character work together to reduce the symptoms before it is too late.....​

“These books do 'tricky' in a child friendly way and give suggestions and solutions that are fun”

Glenda Grimstead, Adoption Social Worker 


Rory's Roars

One little grumpy boy,

One tricky week,

One unfinished model,

One lost favourite treat,

One deafening roar,

One very slammed door,

One hairy eh....?  What's that?



A fun, compassionate story for children who suffer with anger, perfectionism and that itchy feeling of life's bumpiness.  

Fizzy Lizzy

A story for children who suffer with anxiety. Packed with warmth, kindness and helpful strategies, this story offers comfort to anxious children through the mishaps of poor, lovable Lizzy.


Nina and the No-No's

One small child,

One easy request,

A  zillion enormous "No's"......

Uh oh.....

Goodness knows what the No's have done to Nina's nose!


A funny, playful story for children who struggle with cooperation and who try to control to feel ok.

Ellie and the Ouches

One sensitive girl,

One painful week,

One heavy heart,

Two itchy feet.

Three itchier arms,

Four scratchy, fat blisters.......

What, oh what, is happening to her skin?


A sweet, empowering story for children who find the world a little raw. Sometimes we all need to grow a little padding from the world. 


Invisible Isobel

One noisy girl,

One hollow heart,

One huge need for attention,

One push too many,


Now she has way too much attention.....Oops!

Can she learn about balance, connection and family love before Invisible Isobel ruins her life forever? 


A story for buzzy, fizzy children who crave connection by seeking any kind of attention.

Fred and the Dread Monster

Freddie Fretter loves his new adoptive family. Everything is perfect. So why does he keep dreaming about being "sent back"?  Surely good things can last? 


A story for adopted children about the power of family love. Ideal for children who worry about not being good enough, or about making mistakes. A story about the enduring love of adoption. 


The Tale of Spiky Mikey

One little boy.

One pesky brother.

One great plan.

Too many sizzling big feelings.

Oh Mikey - how do you stop being so spiky?

A lively, compassionate story about the sting of jealousy and sibling rivalry. Suitable for adopted children and any child suffering from the need to cling on too hard to those they love. 

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Jane and the Shame Shadows

One big mistake,

Too much shame,

   Three strange creatures,

      Four steps to forgiveness....



A story about the toxic pain of shame and of how to put things right when you have really messed up.


“I really enjoyed Fizzy Lizzy and Rory's Roars. As a teacher and a Mum I can see their use in schools straight away. Lovely books for children, I can't wait to read the rest."

Sarah Tann, Primary teacher

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