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Extract from Fred and the Dread Monster

"His fingers were so tightly crossed that they looked more like lobster claws. He decided his only hope now was to put on his lucky pants, his lucky socks and probably his lucky wrestling watch too."

sad boy turning into a lobster
boy having a big tantrum

Extract from Rory's Roars

Crash! Bang! Thud! Roar!.....


Upstairs was a very noisy place in Rory Whoosher's home.


Smash! Shriek! Shout! On and on it went.


First Mum appeared frazzled.


Then Dad appeared razzled.


Both looked stunned and dazzled.


..................Rory had roared!

adopted child loving her 2 dads

There’s something I’m bursting to shout out,

It’s time that the whole world knew,

Adoption with you is amazing,

My two special Dads, I love you!


girl having a tantrum

Extract from Nina and the No-No's

So Nina demanded things and refused things so that she felt in control.

"I am the boss of everything!" she grinned to herself. 

Nina enjoyed being the boss of everything. She especially wanted to be the boss of her family. 

She tried to be the boss of what they ate! 

And the boss of when it was bedtime! 

And the boss of whether she cleaned her teeth or not!

And the boss of what they did all day! 

"Hurray! smiled Nina, "When I am the boss the quaky, shaky, flaky feelings go!"

"Were we matched then, Daddy, you and I?"

"Oh yes - matched together, like apple and pie!

Matched like the birds and the very tall trees,

Matched like the whales in the deep blue seas,

Matched like the honey is paired with the bees,

Matched like a lock with just one special key!"

Extract from Daddy Wishing

Dad smiling about matching well with his adopted son

Extract from Invisible Isobel

Isobel chatted and chatted until 2am. Every time that Miley tried to fall asleep Isobel woke her up.


Miley tried her best to amuse Isobel. She brushed her hair, told her jokes, listened to her chatter, played I-Spy with her and cuddled her. Every time Miley's eyes closed Isobel woke her up again by singing to her and prodding her. Miley became very tired indeed.


"Isobel just needs soooo much attention," she sighed, "no matter how much I give her it's not enough."


In the next bedroom Mum whispered to Dad, "Miley just needs soooo much attention, no matter how much I give her it's not enough."

Sleepy child kept awake by chattering companion
Fizzy Lizzy has butterflies in her tum

Extract from Fizzy Lizzy

Each time she worried Lizzy felt a horrible, fizzy, shaky feeling in her tummy.


This jumbly, churny feeling had become something else to worry about.


"What if I really have butterflies in my tummy?" she stressed when she was 6.


"What if my tummy explodes?" she panicked at 7.


The year she was 8, Lizzy wore thick trousers all summer to try to squash the fizzy dread feelings her tummy got each time she had to go to a new place.

Extract from Rainbow Remembering

"Thank you for taking good care of me,

All the time that I lived in your home,

The months when I waited, so tiny,

For a family all of my own."


"Oh we loved looking after you, Peanut,​

Til your lovely new parents were found,

We often look back at the photos,

Of the days when you were around."


Foster Carers looking at photo book

Extract from Jane and the Shame Shadows

“How do I walk if you have tied my legs together?” wailed Jane.

“You can’t!” giggled the Shame Shadow on her legs.

He introduced himself as the shadow for ‘Taking No Action To Put Things Right’. “You don’t join in anyway. You have too much shame. You spend all day alone.”

Then he had a little stretch then put his umbrella up to stop Jane’s tears splashing him.

A Shame Shadow with umbrella
pixies and fairies on the moon

Extract from 10 Big Wishes

"Dear Elves, look all around you,

For a home with books galore,

A Mum to read me stories,

That’s my big wish Number Four!


Dear Pixies, find me Parents,

Full of kindness in their eyes,

Who’ll help me shrink my worries,

That’s my big wish Number Five!"

Extract from The Tale of Spiky Mikey

Except....oh no! What was happening now? What were these horrid words coming out of his foster carer's mouth? She was telling him that he would have an older brother called Charlie too! WHAT!

A brother?

A stupid, bossy, 'already-there', 'loved-right-now' brother?

An 'in-the-way' brother?

A 'Mum-had-him-first' brother?

Brother? A bother more like!

sibling rivalry
children in gym cartoon

Extract from Ellie and the Ouches

In gym class, Ellie was asked to show the class how to climb a rope. She tripped over someone's feet and everyone laughed. Oh! She felt so foolish. She felt her cheeks redden as if they had been pricked with a pin. She tried to pull herself up the rope but her arms seemed to be full of jelly. Flippery, jippery jelly.


Mylie Meefirst showed the class instead, grinning with a smile as bright as the shiniest and boldest of trumpets. Ellie was so embarrassed. She wished she was totally invisible. She flopped to the floor like a crumpled pancake. She scratched at her arm where a strange little watery blister had appeared.

adoption court hearing

Extract from My Two Mums

My Mums became my Parents through a very special law,

It's called being Adopted - I'm their child forever more!

When we saw the Judge at Court she smiled and said to me,

"This perfect law is granted, for all eternity!"


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