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Great Series of books. Highly recommended. Social stories do not  work with  my PDA profile autistic 10 year old. This series however has been a godsend as she processes her own emotions through the characters. (Works well with non autistic kids too.) She loves them and seems to take on board the themes and responds appropriately.

Mrs J Thomas, Verified Amazon customer re Rory's Roars.

A brilliant series and valuable resource. The Fizzy Friends series is a valuable resource for people who works with children in any capacity including parents. The illustrations are magical and appealing and the text is honest and straightforward using language that children will relate to. They cover a range of issues in a sensitive manner, The books deserve to be widely recognised.

Decima, amazon customer re Nina and the No-No's

A fantastic series of books. These are just what I need for my work. Children and parents will find these so helpful. Relevant, compassionate and fun. They are really lovely books.

Hazel Medolla, Play Therapist.

As a parent to a little boy with anxiety issues I had struggled to try to alleviate some of his fears and to understand how best to help him. Following a glowing recommendation from a friend, I downloaded the kindle version of this book and it was a revelation to him.  He (and I) both loved the story, and the pictures complement the words perfectly. The story really resonated with him. It is a lovely tale with a strategy embedded for showing children  how to deal with fear in their lives, Highly recommended. 

M W Needham, verified amazon purchase on Fred and the Dread Monster

This book, along with all the others in Bryony Irving series of books, have been a great help to me when working with children with emotional issues. Children can relate to the characters and the funny yet informative stories are proving to be a great aid to my work. The illustrations are lovely too. 

Janice T, verified Amazon Purchase on Rory's Roars.

Love these books, wrote in a funny, touching way by someone who knows what they are talking about.

Wendy W, Adoptive Mum of 2

Once in a while a book comes along which, through the power of superb story telling, can help a real child with a problem similar to Jane. Having struggled to help a friend's daughter to overcome an issue similar to the subject in this story, we brought this after being so impressed with one of the author's other books. The effect was almost instant and we are so happy we discovered this  gem. Great story too. Very impressive. 

 Mark,  verified Amazon Purchase on Jane & the Shame Shadows

So funny. Totally original. Brill pics and a great story. Loved ​it!

Justin - verified Amazon customer re Nina and the No-No's

Rory's Roars engaged my child (5 years) instantly. The story and pictures supported us as a family to discuss his anger...he particularly enjoys making a good Soothie Smoothie now!

Mrs S - Verified Amazon customer on Rory's Roars.

Another beautiful book for parents and children to read together. It helps children with behaviour issues to see things from a different perspective."

A Kelly, Verified Amazon purchase, on Nina and the No-No's

This is such a good story, it deals with shame in a very unusual and thought provoking way. Really good for children around the theme of bullying too.

 Verified Amazon customer, - review on Jane and the Shame Shadows.

Absolutely loved this story of a little girl growing up with her two adoptive dads. It illuminates issues that adopted children face but is also heartwarming which makes it a lovely read for adoptive families. Beautifully illustrated which adds to the joy of reading it together. Love the author's gentle rhymes.

Suzanne B - Verified Amazon customer, - review on My Two Forever Dads.

My partner brought this amazing book to help our child with anxiety. I just wanted to thank the author who had a real understanding of the issues with anxieties that most children go through, who wrote it in a way that has really helped my child.

Tracy R - Verified Amazon customer, - review on Fizzy Lizzy.

This is a really great book. It's just what I was looking for. Funny, clever and so sweet. Great pictures too.

Verified Amazon customer reviewing Nina and the No-No's.

Delighted with this book. It's a fabulous story. It's really clear on how dread builds up and has some lovely, heart warming ideas on how to reduce it. The pictures are great and the child I brought this for just loves it.

SB - Verified Amazon purchase, re Fred and The Dread Monster.

I'm a huge fan of this series. The first part, where the little girl is wishing for her family had me close to tears. It gently reminds us of a child's need fr a loving family. But when she and her famiily found each other, that really brought a tear to my eye. More lovely words and illustrations that tackle a tough subject with care and sensitivity.

Verified Amazon purchase, review on 10 Big Wishes.

So helpful on dealing with anxiety - for children and their parents/carers. Lots of good tips. Easy to read and lovely illustrations.

Daisy, verified Amazon customer, re Fizzy Lizzy.

Excellent story. Beautiful illustrations.

Verified Amazon purchase. Tat, on Jane and the Shame Shadows.

Poignant story, well written. Great illustrations too.

Verified Amazon purchase. Moira, on The Tale of Spiky Mikey.

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