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Let's Celebrate Adoption!

A story about the foster carers who looked after the children before adoption and how their love and fond memories endure after the move.


"We miss you a lot but not sadly,

We miss you with joy in our hearts,

It's a missing that just feels happy,

As the rest of your life got to start."



Rainbow Remembering



A story for any child who wonders about the true nature of love. 

  "I've got a big question just for you,

My Treasure-Forever Mummy,

How does it work that your love is the same,

As if I had grown in your tummy? "


Daddy Wishing is a book to celebrate adoptive fathers. It's suitable for children of single Dads or two parent families. The story is of a child and his Dad delighting in how well matched they have been in their adoption.



"Is adoption forever?  I need you for keeps....."

"Oh yes it's forever.........a zillion sleeps"


Daddy Wishing

My Two Mums

My Two Mums celebrates a child's delight in her forever home with her 2 Mums. She rejoices in the love, support, guidance and permanence that she experiences in her family. It touches very gently on the adoption and court process and the birth history.

"Sometimes I snuggle into Mum and ask her for my story,

I listen to my baby tale of how life started for me,

My birth home wasn't very safe, she tells me gently why,

And if it makes me sad at times, she sings a lullaby."


My Two Forever Dads

My Two Forever Dads delights in growing up with 2 fab Dads. It touches on leaving the foster home and the Court Order. Its focus is on the many ways that Parents experience parenthood, seen through the eyes of one happy little girl.

"There's something I'm bursting to shout out,

It's time that the whole world knew,

Adoption with you is amazing,

My two special Dads, I love you!"


10 Big Wishes

10 Big Wishes is the story of a little girl waiting for her Forever Family to be found. Can the creatures of the Universe hear her wishes and make them come true? Celebrating the matching process in sympathy for children who had to wait a while for their Happy Ever After to begin. A fun, heart-warming book for children to start to understand that they were matched with their parents with love and care. 

"We've some news about your family,​

Something fun you never knew...

All the time you wished to find them,

They were wishing to find you too" xx


Let's Celebrate Adoption!

Heart warming poem-stories for adopted families

Lovely books for adopted children

"Rainbow Remembering really helped my child to understand more about how his adoption came about. It lightened him after the pain of moving from his foster carers who he had been with for 2 years. He was just crushed to leave them."

W - adoptive Mum.

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