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Books to soothe the hearts of the next generation.

Hug Your Heart Books publishes delightful, inspiring and comforting stories for children. 

The Fizzy Friends Series focuses on emotional difficulties.

 Let's Celebrate Adoption! is a set of poem-story books for children who have been adopted.

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Books for mending Ouches

Every child has the power to heal from emotional wounds and little life-bumps if they are shown how. Attunement is such a powerful tool. We can attune to our kids in so many ways. These stories are a little slice of help with that task. The sweet, brave, vulnerable little muses are delighted to be a part of your child's world!

"Funny, warm, helpful and inspiring. A must for all primary schools. Excellent for children who are struggling with emotions, and for the parents, teachers and learning support mentors who support them."

Mr J Crilly, Head Teacher

"I really enjoyed Fizzy Lizzy and Rory's Roars. As a teacher and a Mum I can see their use in schools straight away. Lovely books for children. I can't wait to read the rest."

Sarah Tann, Teacher

“These books do 'tricky' in a child friendly way and give suggestions and solutions that are fun”

Glenda Grimstead, Adoption Social Worker

"A fantastic series. These books are what I had been waiting for in my work. Highly relevant to the needs of modern children."

Hazel Medolla, Play Therapist

"As an adoptive parent, I love these books. They get right to the things my kids have suffered with. I can't recommend them enough,"

Mrs W - Mum to 2

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